Peer Productions is a social change youth arts charity who train young, peer actor educators (aged 17-23) from a range of backgrounds to share their skills with other young people to explore challenging social and health issues. Their vision is to use theatre to change young people’s lives.

‘50 Days: Together Alone’ is a mini-series filmed within lockdown or social distancing conditions, performed by young actors and will be available online to be accessed by other young people. The HSYA has provided funding to the project which builds on last year’s Alone Together project, but instead of focusing on the impact of being isolated, Together Alone explores the impact of enforced togetherness and how this impacts on families, friendships and relationships. The dramatic content, together with essential information, advice and guidance, is blended together and reaches young people, not only in their schools but also at home. 15 young people have been involved with producing the film, in creating the resources, and the acting.

Alone Together is currently available to teachers and young people. It explores issues relating to lockdown, such as controlling relationships, and lost contact with trusted adults, particularly teachers, from whom it has received positive feedback.

Peer Productions

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