Peer Productions is a Woking based charity providing peer education around social issues in schools and in community based settings, including youth clubs. The Peer Productions model is to raise awareness amongst young people during a critical stage of their development, building resilience leading to a reduction of potential issues such as anti-social behaviour.

An integral part of the programme is the delivery of issue-based plays on substance abuse and other crime related issues. Each year Peer Productions trains 16 young people in dramatic art education. During their studies they perform plays to 10,000 students in some 90 schools across the County.

HSYA was able to support the production of a play specifically focused on substance misuse. This aimed to address one of the recommendations of Surrey’s Strategic Needs Assessment, namely that of supporting schools across the County with the delivery of the substance misuse element of their Personal, Social and Health Education programmes. The High Sheriff, Richard Whittington concluded that, “The concept of young aspiring actors putting on hard-hitting plays for the education of those only a few years younger in life/social skills is brilliant. I have seen two plays - one on alcohol and the other on drugs - and both gave very strong messages in a style that would be accepted and understood by the audience.”

Peer Productions – Countywide

Awarded 2016-2017



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