Tarkan is 16 and an able student but, frustrated with his school, he says “I sometimes just didn’t bother going to school or I would skip lessons when I was there.”

At the point of being permanently excluded, Tarkan was referred to the ‘Steps to 16’ programme. Steps nurtures their personal, social, and functional skills with small class sizes and flexible learning programmes, tailored to meet the needs of each individual student in a more relaxed environment.

Tarkan values the individual support. He says: “It’s nicer here. You can develop a good relationship with a teacher which motivates you to do your work more. There are fewer distractions too, so I can concentrate on my work. I don’t miss anything about my old school.”

Tarkan is due to sit his exams this summer and is already planning for the future – a BTEC or apprenticeship in business.

Tarkan adds: “If I had stayed at school, I would have got kicked out for good in the end. I would have no qualifications and no job. I’ve also learnt that if you give respect, you get respect back. You can start again with Steps - I’ve got a lot of respect for that!”

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