Surrey Care Trust works to help those who have been disadvantaged from an early age through low educational achievements and setbacks in life. The aim is to equip the vulnerable young people with the skills to enable them to improve their economic situation, reduce their social isolation and develop a belief that they can contribute positively to society. The Trust’s two Swingbridge Community boats that operate along the North West Surrey waterways help to achieve this aim.

The HSYA funds will support nine Swingbridge activity days during the summer of 2017 for approximately forty young people including young people from the STEPS to 16 and the Sliding Doors programmes as well as young carers and their families.

These days provide rare and meaningful experiences and give the young people the opportunity to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the delicate ecosystem of the waterways – thus making a positive contribution to society. Richard Whittington commented, “A freezing cold January day spent on the Thames and then on an island laying a hedge with young offenders doing their community service was enlightening. Not only were they learning some practical skills (and so did I) but they were gaining great social skills such as team work and also creating some real friendships.”

Surrey Care Trust – Woking

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