Emerge enables trained volunteers to support young people who attend A&E at the Royal Surrey because of self- harm, a suicide attempt or emotional crisis. Sitting with them in hospital, Emerge provide reassurance and encourage young people to engage effectively with the NHS staff.

Emerge continue to support young people for three months after discharge, building relationships and connecting them with community resources to reduce the risk of a further crisis and to set them on a new trajectory in life.

An example of their work is a young woman who was already on an intensive support programme but was still ending up in A&E twice a week. The Emerge youth worker successfully helped her engage with a community football scheme, and eventually the young woman was stable enough to enrol at college. She was discharged from the intensive support programme (the first person in Surrey ever to achieve this). She said this would not have happened without Emerge’s support and the tools they had given her to help her cope with life. She said, 'I still have bad days, but now I have hope’.

Congratulations to Emerge on the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, with a commendation for efforts during the pandemic.

Emerge Advocacy

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