Will your project qualify? Remember, HSYA supports schemes in Surrey where young people can show us they aim to help reduce or prevent crime – and make their communities stronger and safer.

That can be in a whole lot of very different ways – click here for some of the projects we’ve already helped with money.

Now check the list. If your scheme ticks some of these boxes, there’s a good chance it will receive a Surrey High Sheriff Youth Award – and at least some of the funding you need.

Funding Guidance information can be found here.

▪ Directly help to reduce anti-social criminal behaviour.

▪ Support vulnerable young people with known risk factors for anti-social behaviour.

▪ Deliver positive organised activities in areas where there is a greater need to engage young people.

Help to make all, whatever age or cultural background, feel safe in their local community.


The HSYA does not fund projects linked to major building developments, or ongoing salaries. We only fund one-day events if they are part of a long-term sustainable contribution or engagement with a group or community.

Will you qualify?




























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