Over the past two years, east to west has seen an increase in the need for mental health counselling in schools, partly because of the raised threshold required for CAMHS support.

east to west, with the support of the HSYA grant, have developed their Peripatetic Counselling model enabling them to supervise ‘counsellors in training’ whilst they provide support for young people. This has increased their capacity between three and four-fold, with only a small increase in costs.

One additional thing that the Covid pandemic has enabled east to west to do is develop their virtual capacity, creating a provision which allows them to work remotely, helping to support those who are school refusing or potentially playing truant or at risk of exclusion.

This quote below helps to highlight the impact Peripatetic Counselling is having: “I’ve been able to talk about a lot more things than I thought I would. My friends think because I don’t talk about my dad dying any more, I’ve got over it, but I haven’t. And my family don’t want to talk about it because it makes them sad. So, it’s helped to talk about it all again and now I understand it wasn’t my fault I didn’t get to be there at the end for him to say goodbye.”

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