The KT12 Football is a community facilitated football project based at Walton Oak School. The project provides opportunities for children and young people to participate in regular extracurricular sporting activity, resulting in a range of benefits which have an impact on behaviours and skills by providing positive outlets for young people who may not have had the opportunity to attend out of school activities.

Well established within the community, the project has become well known and trusted by the families. Young people recommend the project to their peers and, as a consequence, numbers attending the sessions have grown week on week. Out of school sessions incorporate football skills and drills, match competition as well as healthy eating and wellbeing advice. Some 120 young people have attended sessions over a 12 month period. Post-match activities and refreshments have also been made available.

The project has had a great impact on the community and played a key role in developing confidence, self-esteem, value and purpose in young people who then, with these qualities, go on to participate and contribute to society in a much more engaging way. The High Sheriff commented that “he was pleased that HSYA had agreed to support such an important and, obviously, popular project which clearly delivered genuine benefit for many young people”.

Walton Charity – KT12 Football Project

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