The Matrix Trust has over 10 years’ experience in running youth clubs. With the support of local parents, Matrix helped to open a new youth club in Albury Village Hall aimed at providing young people with positive local activities in the evening without them having to travel to Guildford, Dorking and other towns. The plan is for the club to be open on a Friday evening for 44 weeks each year for the next two years. It will be an open youth club providing young people with the opportunity to become involved in many different activities including games, workshops and discussion groups, all within a safe environment. It is available to school years 7-9 with the provision for older members to return to the Club as young leaders.

HSYA has provided funds towards the purchase of equipment, the support of the workshop activities and the training of staff.Richard Whittington visited the youth club and said “An active Friday evening was spent at this youth club as not only were the attendees working at various tasks at the table but they were also taking part in games. Air hockey was certainly a first for me and great fun. This club has only just started but is going from strength to strength.”

The Hang Out Youth Club – Guildford

Awarded 2016-2017

Past Awards 2016-2017

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Surrey Heath Youth Council – Surrey Heath

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SHOuT2 Youth Conferences – Countywide

Youth Engagement Scheme – Countywide

The Hang Out Youth Club – Guildford

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A Place to be Youth Club – Waverley

Safe Drive Stay Alive – Countywide

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Magistrates’ Mock Trial Competition – Countywide

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