Surrey Youth Focus are instigating “The Big Chat” across Surrey – a conversation with young people in various settings, including schools, youth clubs and uniformed organisations. The aim will be to find out what young people are thinking and feeling and what support they need from friends, family, schools, health organisations, youth workers and charities to improve their wellbeing. The insights gained from “The Big Chat” will be used to enable councils, health organisations, charities, sports clubs, schools and parents to understand what they can do differently to support young people through early help and other interventions.

As a means of initiating the programme “The Big Chat” will bring together teachers, youth practitioners and other professionals already working with young people, along with experts from other organisations, to explore a number of key questions – for example, how we can engage the creativity and energy of thousands of young people across Surrey.

Young people will themselves be encouraged to start social movements to make cultural changes within the places where they hang out, by spreading ideas through social media and other mechanisms determined by young people. Ultimately, the vision is to empower young people to lead a mental health and wellbeing revolution in Surrey.

The High Sheriff said that “I am delighted that HSYA were able to support this important programme and thank Alicia Moore for reading her very moving poem at the ExxonMobil event”.

“The Big Chat”

Awarded 2017-2018



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