Youth workers and young leaders from Guildford, Surrey Heath, Woking and Runnymede work with young people who are identified as most in need. They aim to support young people by helping to make them employable, resilient and able to engage in society as adolescents and further into adulthood. They provide young people with the knowledge, skills and the ability to identify their strengths and also the risks to them achieving their goals in the future.

The project, works with young people who are currently, or about to start, volunteering as leaders of youth centres across the Boroughs of Guildford, Surrey Heath, Woking and Runnymede by helping them to gain their Level 2 Certificate in Working with Young People, which is the minimum qualification for part time work. When young people have achieved this award they will be able to work with their peers specifically to address their needs, which for many are around school issues, family breakdown and anti-social behaviour. The qualified young people, with the support of qualified professional staff, can confidently run activities and groups for other young people. Importantly, they are able to offer young people, within the area they live, peer support and guidance and be able to help plan and facilitate sessions and activities around substance use, mental and emotional health, confidence, self-esteem and body image.

Surrey Family Service

Awarded 2017-2018


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