Skillway is a project based in Godalming which provides practical skills and alternative learning programmes for young people who struggle within mainstream academic education. It works to motivate and instil confidence in young people between the ages of 14-16, many of whom are referred from local areas of social deprivation where there is evidence of anti-social behaviour.

What makes this project special is the intergenerational element where experienced volunteer craftsmen and women inspire young people to develop their capabilities through practical skills in a workshop environment. An impressive range of skills is provided offering opportunities for the young people, including metalwork and engineering, woodwork, arts and creative crafts and stonework. The project also provides pastoral support for those referred who have alcohol or drug problems.

The grant from the HSYA was awarded to enable Skillway to provide the various workshop materials essential for the programme to continue and to expand. The High Sheriff, Richard Whittington visited and said, “The location of a converted chapel is not the most likely venue to see some really creative light engineering, carpentry and artistic works by the young who find academic studies difficult. It was a fascinating visit and the volunteers gave them the benefit of their vast knowledge in handling tools and machines safely.”

Skillway – Waverley

Awarded 2016-2017


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