SATRO is a well-established education charity based in Guildford which offers training and the teaching of work-related skills to young people across Surrey. SATRO works with young people aged 5-19 of all abilities, aiming to inspire all to strive for future success. The project aims to give young people experience of work through a diverse range of programmes, with a particular focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in the workplace. Some of the young people attending the holiday play schemes and benefitting from the SATRO mobile classroom are referred by Children’s Services or the Police.

HSYA has specifically provided funding for the SATRO mobile classroom, including the support of the Guildford Borough Council ‘Fun in the Summer and Easter Holidays’ play scheme. The SATRO mobile classroom is part of a fleet of six vehicles packed with all the tools, the equipment and also tutors to teach young people valuable and potentially career enhancing practical skills. Richard Whittington commented,“I visited one of the mobile workshops in action during the summer holidays and the young learning to make and create useful pieces of furniture - a small stool with tiles on the top was the task on the day of my visit - was giving them practical experience and also learning to work as part of a team.”

SATRO – Guildford

Awarded 2016-2017

Past Awards 2016-2017

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SATRO – Guildford

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