Safe Drive Stay Alive is a road safety theatre-based education initiative led by Surrey Fire and Rescue Service and supported by Surrey Police, South East Coast Ambulance Service and Frimley Park Hospital. The aim is to raise road safety awareness amongst young people to positively influence their attitudes to driving and to make them more aware of their responsibilities on the road.

Young people aged 16-19 are invited to attend a highly charged and emotionally engaging performance. Graphic true stories related by members of the emergency services and those who have been involved in a serious accident or who have been bereaved by a road accident aim to reduce the number of road traffic collisions, deaths and injuries. Evidence shows that the number of drivers/passengers killed or seriously injured by a young driver/rider has fallen from 122 in 2004 to 72 in 2016.The HSYA’s contribution helped towards the considerable cost of delivering these lifesaving events.

The High Sheriff reported that “I was in the audience with 600 young people in Dorking Halls designed to change the way they drive and save young people's lives from the disaster of road accidents. It was all very emotive and engaging, particularly for me as it was, to the day, the fiftieth anniversary of my father being killed in a car accident”.

Safe Drive Stay Alive

Awarded 2017-2018



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