Safe Drive Stay Alive is a road safety initiative led by Surrey Fire and Rescue Service in partnership with Surrey Police, the South East Coast Ambulance Service and Frimley Park Hospital. It takes the form of a presentation focused on young drivers and budding drivers, encouraging them to drive responsibly and to be aware of the consequences of poor or thoughtless driving.

Young people aged 16-19 are invited to attend a highly charged and emotionally engaging performance, during which films are shown featuring people and their families explaining how they have been affected by a road collision death or life-changing injury of a young person. Speakers from the emergency services and those who have themselves been involved in a serious accident or who have lost a loved one also make a powerful contribution.

HSYA’s contribution helps towards the considerable cost of staging these performances. A large number of teenagers attend and indications from feedback are that the message does get through.

The High Sheriff attended one of these performances and said,“Surrey Fire and Rescue should take great credit for putting on these performances. Perhaps the most emotional morning of my Shrieval year, the presentations from the victims or close relatives of victims interspersed with stories from Fire & Rescue, Police, Ambulance and NHS staff really forced the message home that careless/thoughtless driving can end so tragically.”

Safe Drive Stay Alive – Countywide

Awarded 2016-2017




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