Although Relate traditionally has been focused on couple counselling, 40% of their work is now with young people aged 10-18 years-old. Relate have a contract with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service to provide 6 sessions for each individual, but this may not be enough and the waiting list, particularly due to COVID, may be too long.

In response to this Relate have set up a ‘paid for’ service, called iRelate, to help plug the gap. Not all parents can afford this option and the HSYA award is used to subsidise the cost, at the discretion of the iRelate team.

Freya (name changed), a 14 year-old, was really struggling with anxiety, anger and aggressive moods. She had suicidal thoughts and was self-harming. iRelate explored, with Freya, the ‘triggers’ for these feelings and then introduced and practised coping strategies.

Talking openly in the sessions enabled Freya to talk to her Mum about sensitive topics and eventually to text her Dad about self-harming. Both parents were already aware but were now able to discuss this with Freya without fear of a traumatic reaction.

By the end of the sessions, Freya’s anger had diminished, with no suicidal thoughts or further self-harming.

Relate, West Surrey

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