A locally based charity, The Matrix Trust has provided a lifeline for at-risk young people across Guildford for over 20 years. They are dedicated to catalysing change for young people by nurturing, inspiring, connecting and empowering them, putting young people at the centre of everything Matrix does, including meeting them at their schools and in their neighbourhood.

Elevate was launched in 2019 and supports at-risk and disadvantaged 15- 18 year-olds from Matrix’s school and community projects who require further support. Elevate aims to build a community within this group, as well as to equip and empower young people to thrive now and reach their full potential in the future, through developing personal and professional skills. Despite restrictions, the project ran throughout the pandemic, with some adaptations, including briefly running online.

During a one-to-one discussion, it was noted a young person particularly lacked confidence, and so they were encouraged to attend the Elevate programme. When they began attending, they were initially unwilling to eat in front of other attendees. After some time engaging in group activities, they began to relax and eventually asked for some toast, saying to the leader ‘this is the first thing I have eaten all day’.

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