The Magistrates’ Mock Trial Competition is part of the Law in Schools programme which helps improve young people’s life skills, their understanding of the justice system and helps them to gain knowledge of how the law touches every aspect of their lives. The competition aims to create the foundation for students to develop into legally aware young people and to introduce the legal system in an exciting way. In the roles of lawyers, witnesses, magistrates and court staff, the students prosecute and defend specially written criminal cases. Teams compete against each other in real courts and are judged by serving magistrates.

HSYA have supported the Surrey heat of the competition over a number of years and warmly congratulates the team from Woking High School on being the highest scoring Surrey team in the 2018 county heat. As High Sheriff and Patron of the Surrey Heat, Robert Napier was delighted to attend the competition held at Guildford Crown Court on March 17th. He presented the team from Woking High School with the High Sheriff’s shield for the second year running and warmly commended all the participants from the competing schools, aged 14-16, for their interest in the due process of law and their impressive skills in role-playing the case.

Magistrates’ Mock Trial Competition

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