For over 60 years the Lifetrain Trust’s specialist teams have been involved at a local level with young people who may be at risk of growing up without the necessary skills to become successful adults and members of society by supporting them to achieve qualifications and build self-esteem and confidence. As a direct result, they have made fundamental changes to the lives of many young people and their families. This has been achieved by focusing on the specific needs of the individuals, tailoring intervention so that the content and pace of change suits the needs of the young people.

The HSYA have helped fund the Bus Shelter project which directly supports young people who lack suitable facilities to occupy them. The Bus is able to meet young people where they meet rather than expecting them to travel to a Centre. With WIFI and the latest technology on board, they are resourced to offer an immediate response to young people’s needs such as job searches and CV preparation.In addition, they also provide recreational activities to encourage team building and partnership working. A structured programme encourages discussion and reflection and enables young people to evaluate their potential and cultivate personal development plans. In the last year the Trust has worked with over 1,000 young people in 12 locations.

Lifetrain Trust

Awarded 2017-2018



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