The HSYA made an award to the Friday Night Project, which is a fun and inclusive multi-sports activity evening for young people aged 11-18 from the Borough of Woking. Freedom Leisure use sport as a tool to engage with young people in a safe environment where they can meet new people each week and make new friends, learn new skills, gain social skills and improve general confidence. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced this project to stop running for 18 months, young people have suffered. They haven't been able to socialise and attend activities like this. That's why, now more than ever, Freedom Leisure want to help young people to get out of the house and away from computer and TV screens and go to the Friday Night Project where they can have fun, exercise and socialise.

The project has made a significant difference for one 14 year-old teenager. He had been causing problems at school, and in conjunction with his parents, it was agreed that if he had a good week at school, he could attend the Friday Night Project. As a result, the young man has significantly improved his behaviour. Not only that, but he has started supporting younger members who attend the project.

Freedom Leisure

Awarded 2021-2022


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