The YMCA run a programme to support young people who are homeless. They are not at school, with no job or prospects, often only with the clothes they stand up in, and often have been through a traumatic experience.

The programme has 5 Steps, with the ultimate aim of the young person moving on into rented accommodation, living independently, either in employment or training for a skill or even back in education.

Step 2 involves the young person setting goals, both short term and long term. During Step 3, they receive support in working towards those goals and in Step 4 they achieve them. A group of

12 decided that one of their short term goals was to climb Snowdon... and they succeeded!

More than that, they showed how much they had developed as individuals and as a team. About four fifths of the way up two of the group had completely run out of energy and felt they could do no more. On their own initiative, the others rallied round and, as a team, helped the two make it to the top.

The smiles and the look on the young persons’ faces made it all worthwhile.

The HSYA awarded funding for this unforgettable part of the programme.

East Surrey YMCA

Awarded 2021-2022


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