Following consultation with young people aged between 15 and 16 who simply wanted somewhere to relax and to be engaged in interests and activities as an alternative to hanging around after school in woods and parks, Surrey County Council offered the use of the Wey Centre on Wednesday nights. Youth workers will, within a drop-in facility, provide help to an anticipated group of 25 young people who will be encouraged to attend various sporting activities, talks and one- to-one chats. The initial project ran during the first quarter of the year and it is hoped that it will be repeated on a regular basis.

HSYA was delighted to award support for a youth leader and youth workers and to provide materials for the various activities. Previous funding has proved both valuable and beneficial for those young people who were able to take advantage of the opportunity.

A Place to be Youth Club – Waverley

Awarded 2016-2017

Past Awards 2016-2017

Surrey Care Trust – Woking

Surrey Heath Youth Council – Surrey Heath

Skillway – Waverley

SHOuT2 Youth Conferences – Countywide

Youth Engagement Scheme – Countywide

The Hang Out Youth Club – Guildford

SATRO – Guildford

A Place to be Youth Club – Waverley

Safe Drive Stay Alive – Countywide

Skaterham – Tandridge

Peer Productions – Countywide

Magistrates’ Mock Trial Competition – Countywide

Leatherhead Youth Project – Mole Valley

Kane FM – Guildford



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