Students from different age groups at Bishop David Brown School in Sheerwater wanted to encourage the local community to discover more about their school, and to connect with new people who had moved to the local area Ð and hear the stories about their past and present lives. So they set up the ÔNew Lives Community ProjectÕ and learnt many skills: how to plan a project, interview people, use video equipment and edit photographs and film.

The High Sheriff Youth Awards gave £1,000 to fund the training and filming, which gathered source material for a series of drama and art projects and inspired performances at an International Evening. 39% of students at Bishop David Brown School donÕt have English as a first language and 52% come from 24 different countries and speak 30 different languages: the New Lives project made students realise what a diverse and multicultural school and community they have!


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'New Lives' at Bishop David Brown

Awarded 2008-2009